Case Studies

We have provided an overview of a selection of the services, solutions and support we have provided to our customers: -

Branded Email Solution

Project management and technical support for migrating 220 Retailers sites with 1650 mail boxes to a new hosted email solution.

Change Management

Technical support for a vehicle manufacturer for all changes impacting their Retailer and supplier network.

Managed IT Service

Third line support for a vehicle manufacturer in relation to a number of core applications and their infrastructure.

MPLS Support

Ongoing technical support between a vehicle manufacturer, their Retailer network and their MPLS provider.

Pay-As-You-Go IT Support

The introduction of our pay-as-you-go IT support model for a Retailer to replace their previous provider.

Roadside Assistance

The setup and configuration of 360 windows laptop diagnostic devices for the AA Roadside Assistance.

Service Key

Technical support for the roll out project of a new Service Key Reader device and software to 150 Retailer sites.

SMTP Mail Relay

The implementation of a SMTP mail relay for a vehicle manufacturer for use by their core systems and marketing agencies.

Vehicle Ordering Software

Project coordination and technical support for 775 Retailers during the roll out of a new vehicle ordering system.

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Our Customers include…