Manufacturer Services

We have over 10 years’ experience providing Manufacturer IT Services and currently support over 850 Retailer sites for one of the world’s largest Automotive Manufacturers. Our services include: -

Diagnostic Equipment

Maintaining vehicle diagnostic equipment can be technically challenging and time consuming for your network. Our experienced Team can support your Retailers with their devices which could help improve workshop productivity and profitability.

DMS Integration

DMS integration is becoming a mandatory requirement which brings a host of additional challenges for your Retailers. We have in-depth knowledge of both DMS providers and integration and can provide support to your Retailer network.

Email Solutions

Email is a vital tool for your Retailer network and our branded email solutions provide a host of benefits, these include Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering with global redundant servers with premier disaster recovery capabilities.

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services can be adapted to satisfy your specific requirements. We can provide active monitoring and support for incidents, problems and changes as well as coordinating third line escalations with your external partners.

Network Security

Adequate security measures are essential to protect your Retailer network from attacks and data compromise. We can supply a range of Firewall solutions from a simple Draytek upto to a fully managed PaloAlto that can help secure your Retailer network.

New Retailer Set Up

When you appoint a new operator do they need help with your IT requirements. Our Team can provide guidance and support with all of the aspects of the Retailer IT set up process which will ensure they understand and comply with your franchise requirements.

Project Support

Our project management team has experience coordinating and supporting Retailer IT projects of all sizes. If you are planning to deploy a new solution then we can help ensure a smooth transition whilst minimising disruption to your Retailer network.

Retailer IT Support

In addition to our fully Managed IT Services we can also provide conventional IT support on a contracted or ad-hoc basis. Our team can provide remote and onsite support for all IT hardware, software, network equipment and connectivity when required.

SMTP Mail Relay

Our SMTP outbound mail relay provides a secure and trusted means of relaying email messages which can be used for various applications including marketing campaigns, alert notifications or news letters without risk of being blacklisted.

If you would like to discuss any of the services we provide then please contact us.

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